15 Favorite iPhone Wallpaper Free Downloads

Our 15 Favorite iPhone Wallpaper Free Downloads – the pink edition!I was using Sara’s phone the other day and I noticed the prettiest abstract art wallpaper on it. So I started poking around looking for some iPhone wallpaper free downloads online. There are so many beauties out there. And for some reason, I kept gravitating towards wallpaper with hues of pink. So I’ve rounded up 15 of my favorite iPhone wallpapers for you guys! Stay tuned for more favorite free wallpaper downloads. I’m thinking next roundup up will be black and white, another one of my current color combo crushes. –Melissa

Read more for all the downloads…

  1. Cactus painting from Design Sponge
  2. Pretty Pink Flowers from Think Make Share
  3. Pink Paint
  4. Plant on Pink Wall
  5. Colorful Tiles
  6. Pink Brick Wall
  7. Rose Gold Mosaic
  8. Flowers from Design Love Fest
  9. Cactus from The Proper Blog
  10. Ice Cream Cone
  11. Pink Elephant from Be Linspired
  12. Painting from Parima Studio
  13. Rose Gold Marble
  14. Painted Pink Flower Patterns
  15. Light Pink Flowers


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