What are Pack-Out Services?

pack-out services

Pack-out services help keep your valuables safe during restoration.

If you’ve dealt with water damage, fire damage, mold remediation or some other kind of damage to your home and had to call in a professional restoration and cleaning company, you may have heard the term “pack-out services.” What exactly are pack-out services and why do you need them during home restoration? Keep reading to find out!

Protect Your Valuables

The purpose of pack-out services is to protect your valuables during home restoration. If a disaster affects your home, it is necessary to remove your valuable during cleaning to avoid further damages. Depending on the extent of the damage, your items are securely stored either onsite, in a container at your home, or off-site.

Different Pack-Out Services

  • Onsite: If the damage to your home is not too extensive, and you have the extra space, your items can be safely stored in your home. This is an easy way to keep your valuables safe when your home is being restored.
  • Container: If there is a large amount of items that need to be removed from the damaged area, but no space to store them in the home, a container or pod can be used. The container is kept in a driveway or where legal street parking is available, and the items are kept there until the restoration is complete.
  • Off-Site: For more heavily damaged properties where there is a large number of items packed-out of the home, off-site storage may be required. ServiceMaster of Baltimore uses a secure and climate controlled warehouse for off-site storage.

ServiceMaster of Baltimore Has a Trained Pack-Out Team

If your home floods and you have damage that needs to be repaired, you can count on the professionals at ServiceMaster of Baltimore to be there for you. As an IICRC-Certified company, ServiceMaster of Baltimore technicians are trained to identify moisture sources, evaluate mold growth, contain damage, remove contamination, and dry structural materials in an effort to reduce your loss and preserve your property. Contact us for a quick estimate, or to get immediate help with your residential or commercial disaster restoration. Hopefully you have found our blog, “What Are Pack-Out Services?,” informative and helpful. Continue to check back weekly for more helpful tips.

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