Introducing: The Preppy Modern House

I’ve talked in vague terms about “that house we’re building” and you’ve seen bits and pieces on Instagram, but I haven’t really shown you guys much of what we’re building!

It’s been busy, to say the least.

This project flew through the planning stages pretty darn quickly – I already had a good idea of what I wanted, and our architect was totally game.  We worked well together, and this is the result!

The Preppy Modern House - Exterior Elevations - It's Great to Be Home

What you see above is the front elevation of the home.  This is an oversized lot for the neighborhood, which makes me SO happy!  Front-entry garages aren’t for everyone but they’re very common in this neighborhood, and putting the garage in the front allowed us to maximize the backyard space while still creating a really gorgeous exterior.  I have a thing about backyards (because we have a tiny one…) and really wanted to preserve the size of this one since the oversized lot is such a fantastic feature.

So, what are you looking at up there?  🙂  The home will be all brick (I have one picked out and I loooove it) with cast stone accents at the front entry, and the window sills and lintels (the detail above the window).  We’ll likely have to nix some of the cast stone to save costs, but we’re going to try to keep as much as possible!

The majority of the roof will be composition shingles, with a standing seam metal accent on the street-facing part of the first floor.  Ever since we did the roof of our own home in standing seam metal I’ve been obsessed!

I’ll get into the floor plan in another post, but here’s what you’re looking at in a nutshell:

  • the two-car garage is on the extreme left
  • an office is to the right of the garage, with 2 large windows
  • to the right of the office is a powder room, with 1 smaller window
  • the entryway (and entry vestibule) is to the right of the powder room, shown with cast stone
  • the dining room is on the extreme right
  • on the second level, the “play room” is those first 3 windows, then a bedroom with 2 large windows, and then a jack ‘n jill bath to the extreme right

There’s more going on in the back, obviously, but I’ll get to that.  🙂

The Preppy Modern House - Exterior Elevations - It's Great to Be Home What you see above is the left-hand side of the house, to the east.

      • the master bedroom is those first 2 windows on the left
      • the master bathroom is that large space between the windows, plus the 2 side-by-side windows
      • the garage takes up the rest of the space from the exterior door all the way to the right
      • the chimney you see is coming up from the living room on the 1st floor
      • the window on the 2nd level is at the head of the stairs

The Preppy Modern House - Exterior Elevations - It's Great to Be Home

What you see above is the back of the house.

        • on the far left is a large covered patio, and behind that is the kitchen
        • the living room is the bank of 3 windows in the middle
        • the master bedroom is on the far right
        • on the 2nd level there is a bedroom on the far left
        • and another bedroom on the far right of the 2nd level

The Preppy Modern House - Exterior Elevations - It's Great to Be Home What you’re looking at is the right-hand side of the house.

          • the dining room is the 2 windows on the far left
          • the butler’s pantry is the 1st small window
          • the kitchen is the last 2 small windows
          • the covered patio is on the far right
          • on the 2nd level, the 1st 2 windows are a jack ‘n jill bathroom
          • a bedroom is the last 2 windows on the 2nd level

All told, this house is just under 4,000 square feet (which is the average size for new construction in this neighborhood) and has 4 bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms – it’s going to be awesome!  Framing is almost complete and walking through the house might just be one of the most exciting things I’ve done in awhile.  🙂  I was having a bad day last week but it instantly improved while I was standing on the second level, soaking up the sunshine – it was an awesome feeling.

So that’s the exterior of the house we’re building.  If you want to follow along on Instagram, the hashtag is #thepreppymodernhouse.  Talk to you soon!//

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