A Case for Wood Cabinets

During a conversation with our architect a few months ago we were picking his brain for any tips he could give us, based on his experience working with other builders.  We were talking generally about the style and finishes we’re planning to use in the house we’re building, and when we got to the kitchen he stated that of course we would do painted cabinets in gray or white because that’s what everyone wants and they’re a “no-brainer.”


Having fallen deeply in love with the kitchen at Flip #10 and the master bath in Flip #8, I had actually been planning on putting stained wood cabinets in the kitchen of our first build (you know, the one that’s stuck in limbo) – instantly I began to wonder whether I was crazy to even be thinking about anything other than painted cabinets, and whether anyone in the universe (besides me, of course) actually even likes stained wood cabinets!

I mean, I like a classic white kitchen as much as the next girl, and I obviously want to be able to sell this house for top dollar, but I also feel really strongly about making sure that this house doesn’t look exactly like every other house that’s being built right now.  We can do that with white or gray cabinets, and we still may (and we’ll definitely be going Preppy Modern in the second build), but for the moment mama’s got her heart set on stained!

What I have in mind isn’t the honey oak or cherry cabinets of kitchens past – oh no my friends, we’re talking modern day here!

stained cabinets

Sources, left to right: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

The keys to pulling off stained wood cabinets and making them look current, as opposed to dated, are pretty straightforward:

  • keep the cabinet profile simple and streamlined – preferably a flat front cabinet like the ones pictured in a full overlay style (so that none of the box behind the door and drawer fronts is visible)
  • let the natural wood grain shine – don’t try to make the wood look like something it’s not, and don’t go too dark or red/orange with the stain
  • opt for minimalist hardware without a lot of unnecessary detail//embedr.flickr.com/assets/client-code.js

What do you think about stained wood cabinets – would you consider putting them into a space that you’re remodeling or building, or are you painted cabinets all the way?  What factors make you say yay or nay?

P.S.  Looks like stained cabinets might be an upcoming trend – check it out on My Domaine.

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