Easy Kids Valentine Breakfast

An easy and healthy Valentine\'s breakfast for kids.

It\’s always fun to celebrate Valentine\’s Day with the kiddos right when they wake up on February 14. Today I\’m sharing a family fave – an Easy Kids Valentine Breakfast. It\’s so simple and will for sure put a smile on the kids\’ faces when you serve them heart-shaped eggs and toast. At our house, we call these Egyptian Eyes. But Sara and her fam call them Egg in a Hole. Doesn\’t matter what you call them, the kids love them. And for Valentine\’s Day, all you need is a heart cookie cutter to make them extra special.

We also love to make heart-shaped watermelon pops for our Valentine breakfast. Again, such a simple way to say I love you! And a favorite Valentine kid snack at our house is the heart-shaped rice krispie treat.

Read more to learn how to make this easy kids valentine breakfast.

Such a simple, healthy breakfast to celebrate Valentine\'s Day. Heart-shaped eggs and toast along with watermelon pops!

Valentine Egg in a Hole

Ingredients: bread, eggs, butter, heart cookie cutter

Cut out a heart shape in the center of a slice of bread using a 2 inch heart cookie cutter. Melt some butter in a non stick pan or cast iron skillet. Then place the slice of bread on the pan and crack the egg into the heart shape. Cook for 2 minutes. Then flip and cook as long as desired.

We like to toast the heart shape piece of bread and serve with it.

Heart Shaped Watermelon Pops

Cut watermelon into 1 inch slices and use a heart cookie cutter to cut out heart shapes. Then insert popsicle sticks to bottom of hearts.

Cute idea for an Easy Kids Valentine Breakfast.

Such an easy and healthy Valentine treat for kids.

photos by Melissa Fenlon. all rights reserved.

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