How To: Glaze Windows

Some of the most commonly asked questions I get are about how to glaze windows. What’s the best practices? What tips and tricks have I learned over the years? Basically, it’s a lot of folks wondering how to do it the right way.

I’ll start with saying this…it’s not complicated to glaze a window, but it’s not easy the first time. It is something that most people have never heard of. Putting putty on a window and tooling it with a putty knife? What?!how-to-glaze-windows

A lot of folks think you have to use caulk like I did before I knew better.

Caulk is not the answer by the way. You don’t need much to glaze your window properly other than a little instruction and some practice.

For a complete step-by-step guide to restoring your old windows check out my bestselling window book Old Windows Made Easy.

How To Glaze Windows

The video below will show you the mechanics of the process and help you get a feel for how a professional glazes windows. The person in this video has glazed hundreds if not thousands of windows so don’t feel bad if you’re not up to her speed and skill just learn from her technique.

Here’s a couple tips that aren’t in the video:

  1. Keep your finished putty line about 1/16″ behind the interior sight lines. When you’re done turn the sash around and look from the inside. If you can see any putty then you have too much putty and need to glaze a tighter line.
  2. Use a good quality putty (preferably a linseed oil putty) Check out my post Which Glazing Putty is Right For You? to find your perfect putty.
  3. Bed the glass in a thin line of putty and secure it with glazing points. The rule of thumb for installing glazing points is to use one on each side and add an additional glazing point for ever 12″ of glass size. Visit my old video How To: Reglaze Your Old Windows for the whole process from bedding to glazing. The new video is a lot easier to see the technique for finish glazing.

Enough lead in. Enjoy the 5-minute video below and keep working on those old house. They are always worth restoring!

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