Printable Halloween Bingo

Print out this free download of Halloween bingo

We’re sharing our favorite printable Halloween bingo game at our little treat to you! It’s a total hit at our homes at Halloween and the perfect thing to bring to the kid’s Halloween parties at school. I love how the Halloween illustrations Sara drew of spiderwebs, ghosts, jackolanterns and magic potion bottles turned out. We’ve created six different bingo cards for you to download and print. Then just grab some candy corns for your bingo markers and you’re ready to play!

Read more for the Halloween bingo download.

Print out these free Halloween bingo cards for a fun game for the kidsDownloads:

Halloween Bingo Icon Sheet  /  Halloween Bingo Sheet 1  /  Halloween Bingo Sheet 2  /  Halloween Bingo Sheet 3


1. Cut out the Halloween icons from the bingo icon sheet and your 6 bingo cards.

2. Choose your markers for the cards, such as candy corn or cereal.

3. Each player gets a card and you begin to choose from your icon pile and call out the name of the image.

4. The first player to get five across diagonally, horizontally or vertically wins!

These cards are for personal use only.

Free Printable Halloween Bingo Game for the kids.

Download and print this free hand-drawn Halloween Bingo game for the kids. Perfect Halloween game!

photos by Sara Albers. all rights reserved.

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