3 Common ways mold grows

3 Common ways mold growsCondensation

Condensation also creates a thriving environment for mold to grow. Condensation occurs on cold surfaces such as cold metal pipes and cold concrete.

Poor ventilation  Water and steam evaporating in the air forms humidity inside a house which then needs to be released outside through windows , a ventilation system or any other outlet. If your house is poorly ventilated pockets of stagnant moist air will form allowing mold to grow. This is true for areas such as the bathroom and kitchen.

Leaking pipes

Water leaks are one of the common causes of molds. The situation is worse if they go without being detected. Leaking roofs  A leaking roof might go for days without being detected as well. By the time it is discovered, the mold will have probably started to grow in the attic. It is important to check your attic regularly for leaks. Specifically, check the ceiling below the attic for any signs of water damage. Wet clothes  If clothes remain wet for a long time, mold starts growing on them and on the surface where the clothes are lying. This is because of the moisture that these clothes release. Don’t leave your clothes wet for days without washing, as well, ensure your washed clothes are placed in a place where they dry fast.


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