Decoupage Flower Pumpkins

Decoupage Flower Pumpkins |alice & lois

Here we go, our first Halloween craft of the season!  Can you believe that Halloween is one month away. Last year, we made these decoupage confetti pumpkins that were a hit. I love using the decoupage medium to create one of a kind Halloween pumpkins. This year we wanted to add a natural element. I went to the garden and gathered flowers. To be honest, the little yellow flowers I foraged are actually weeds. Simply separate the petals to flatten and you have got yourself some pretty pumpkins! If you are looking for other creative ways to decorate your Halloween pumpkins, check out the string art pumpkins we made last year.

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Decoupage Foraged Flower Pumpkins | alice & lois

Supplies: white pumpkins | foraged flowers | Mod Podge | paint brush

Decoupage Flower Pumpkins |alice & lois

Step 1. Head to your back yard, local park or community garden to find some fallen flower petals.

Step 2. Apply mod podge to small area of pumpkin, press petal onto glue. Let dry.

Step 3. Apply thin layer of mod podge over petal.

Decoupage Flower Pumpkins |alice & lois

Decoupage Flower Pumpkins |alice & lois

Decoupage foraged flower pumpkins on alice & lois

Decoupage Flower Pumpkins |alice & lois

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